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Greek Mythology is enchanting, it has stories about heroes, gods and goddesses of ancient Greece. The Greek names are high on the list of trends of girls' names and there are many beautiful and meaningful suggestions. In this page we brought together the 100 GREEK FEMALE NAMES most inspiring and beautiful with their meanings. Let us now find the special and unique name for your goddess?



What are the names of the Greek goddesses? Check it out now:


APHRODITE, goddess of love and affection, represents the beauty and love.


HERA, is a goddess of goddesses and also is the goddess of marriage.


HESTIA, is a goddess of home and family.


GAIA, represents the land and is a fertility goddess.


TALASSA, is a sea goddess.


NIX, is the personification of the night.


HEMERA, is a personification of light, daughter of the goddess Nix.


ARTEMIS, is the goddess of hunting and twin sister of Apollo.


ATHENA, daughter of Zeus, Athena is a goddess of courage and war.


DEMETER, goddess of fecundity, also known as the goddess of agriculture.


ELECTRA, one of the seven girls of Atlas and Pleione, also known as Pleiades.



AGATHA or AGATE, of Greek origin of "agathos", means "good" or "gentle". Also is the name of the very famous writer Agatha Christie.


ALEXIS, a strong and beautiful Greek name, can be used for both boys and girls, it means "defender".


ANGELINA, means "little angel".


ARETHA, means "virtue". Also, the name of the famous seventies singer Aretha Franklin.


AURA, goddess of the sweet breeze, means "bright light".


CASSANDRA, daughter of the King and Queen Hecuba of Troy and the girl of the world, means "that shines on men."


CATARINA, which means "pure".


CHLOE, this name that is becoming increasingly common comes from the Greek Khloe, meaning "green bud."


CLEO, with charm and style, means "glory, revelation".


CORA, short and delicate, means "maiden".


DONHNE, known as the daughter of the God of the River Peneus.


EFFIE, different name and very nice, which means "good reputation".


HELENA, HELEN OR ELLEN, classic name, was a wife of a king, whose episode triggered the Trojan war, it means light, shine.


HERMIONE, also a character from Harry Potter, means "spirit of life".


IRENE, very common Greek feminine name meaning "a pacifier."


ISADORA, means "gift of Isis".


LARA, means "the victor."


LARISSA, means "beautiful".


MELISSA, delicate name and sweet woman means "bee".


OLYMPIA, a very Greek name, comes from Mount Olympus, a Greek mountain that sheltered the gods in legends, means "consecrated to the God of the Olympian."


PAMELA, a very common name in America that means "all dark" in Greek.


PENELOPE, means "fiber and eye," the name of the wife of Homer in Odyssey.


PHOEBE, also one of the most famous characters in the sitcom Friends, it means "brilliant."


RAÍSSA which means daughter of ivy.


RHEA, mother of the god Zeus, female Greek name that means "current".


SELENA, the Greek goddess of the moon. Widely used by celebrities like Selena Gomes, the professional tennis player.


SOFIA, very common Greek name which means "wisdom."


STEFANIE, means "crowned."


THAIS means "that which is admired."


THALIA, a beautiful and delicate Greek female name whose meaning is "EXUBERANT".


ZOE, the meaning is "LIFE", also the name of international celebrities such as Zoe Saldana and Zoe Kazan.



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