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The MALE AU PAIR program is growing increasingly in the past few years, take a look at male au pair agencies in US and also find out more about Male Au Pair program in Germany and in Netherlands. Much publicized for women the Au Pair program can also be done by men and demand is increasing greatly, especially in this year of 2019.

If you are a man, are between 18 and 26 years old, like children and want to improve your skills, know a new culture or even learn a new language, this exchange program is for you!




Au pair is an expression in French language that means "at par" or "equal" and the main idea is equality of conditions and exchange between the au pair and the family. Au pair work involves everything that is related to the care of children, from basic hygiene and personal care to matters such as helping with homework, playing games with the child, and picking them up at school and also participating in activities. That is why it is essential for the au pair to have a driver's license in most of the countries to perform as a male Au Pair. There are countries that you do not need to have the license, but understand that it can already be a great differential for the male Au Pair.

In many cases, host families still have a preference for women, but there are many families who are looking for a male Au Pair because of specific skills or characteristics, such as greater affinity with sports, photography or even wanting a big brother to their children.

That is why it is important that the male Au Pair emphasize their qualifications, make a great application, be very true in your video and create a really interesting profile.

Of course, the first requirement you need to have to carry out the au pair exchange is to like children. So, If you have already worked with children in your homeland, or as a paid or volunteer in kindergarten or playgrounds and loved the experience, then invest in this career and sign up for a 2019 male au pair program. The opportunity to perform this exchange can bring you many benefits, including upgrading your professional career when you finish the exchange, and it is very rewarding to work with children. The requirements for male au pair 2019 differ slightly from the female, so be aware of the rules for male au pair.



Basic English or in the language of the country that you are applying for

Have completed high school

Final Driver's License (for car)

Age from 18 to 26 years (minimum age may vary by agency, some are 21 years)

Have a valid passport

Be single

Do not have children

Proven experience with children of at least 500 hours (this number may vary by agency, see an example below)

Availability to do the program for 1 year

Find out which are the top agencies that accept male au pair (or male au pair) 2019!


Male Au Pair Agencies:

Expert Au Pair Male Au Pair: http://www.expertaupair.com/web/

Rights and duties of the male Au Pair 2019 (male au pair)

In the 2019 Male Au Pair Exchange Program you should work 45 hours a week. You will be entitled to 1 weekend a month off and a weekly salary, and rejoice: 2 weeks of paid vacation! You will also be eligible for a $ 500 scholarship, so you can choose a language course or another course you like, such as photography.


The host family will also provide accommodation with private room, and of course you will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and culture since the male Au Pair will live and live for at least 1 year with host family.

Just as in the female Au Pair, the male Au Pair will also have the same obligations, will specifically help and care for the tasks involving children, from basic hygiene care (especially if they are babies) to other care such as waking children, preparing their breakfast, taking them to school and extracurricular activities, playing and interacting with them, helping with homework, taking care of their clothes and their room. It is important to know what your working hours will be to organize your routine as well, what times you can take courses and how they will work, if you can use the family car or have one for you in the breaks, and what are the rules, in order to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. With a good conversation and everything agreed, the coexistence will be rewarding and enriching for all.

You will have the opportunity to tour and travel through the USA, Canada, European countries or wherever you wish to host your male Au Pair program during your holidays and vacations.

Another detail to highlight is that when you opt for an agency that performs the male au pair program and if it requires Driver's License in most cases you will also need the International Driving Permit (PID). The contracted agency will guide you correctly about this and also the whole bureaucratic part.

As with the female Au Pair in the US, the male Au Pair will need the special exchange student visa and thus be able to work legally as an Au Pair.



Germany is a country very well-known for its organization, beautiful landscapes and to be a leading power in the Euro Economy Zone, this turned the destiny one of the preferred for who wants to be a male Au Pair in Europe.

A country with a lot of history and with a touch of modernism always present, as male Au Pair in Germany you will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich and interesting culture. The main points to be explored by the male au pair in Germany may be: the capital Berlin, the charming Munich (where the famous Oktorbefest occurs), the castle of Neuschwanstein and others. English is considered a second language spoken in the country, in this case for tourism it is enough, however to be an Au Pair it is necessary to have the German intermediary at least.

In Germany, as in many countries in Europe, the payment is monthly, different form US where normally you receive your payments in a weekly basis. The official Au Pair Program in Germany requires a payment of 260 Euros per month, and also a 50 Euros for a language course. Also, it is important to emphasize that if you are not a member from the European Union this will be the only money you will get, as only members from the EU could work in another field as a male au pair. The Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German Labor Agency ) also determines that you can work 30 hours a week, with a maximum of 6 hours in a day. Also you should have at least 4 evenings and one complete day free.




In the Netherlands Au Pair program, you live the culture of the country living with a Dutch family. A male Au Pair in Netherlands works up to 30 hours a week(with a maximum of 8 hours in a day), from five to six days, on the same tasks as any au pair.

To be an au pair in the Netherlands, there must be an agency, we have listed some above (Male Au Pair Agencies). According to Dutch law the Au Pair Program in the Netherlands can be conducted by people between 18 and 31 years old and know Dutch or English, male au pair agencies can guide you correctly on all legal and bureaucratic aspects.

Germany and the Netherlands are countries that accept the masculine and female Au Pair program according to specific legislation for the category.




Australia, with its paradise beaches, deserts and unique wildlife, is an incredible country, is a top tourist destination that is in the dreams of many travelers. Sydney is undoubtedly the most well-known city in Australia, receiving more than 10 million international visitors per year. It is therefore a multicultural destination, which makes it an unforgettable and must do experience in the country. Also, Sydney is the largest city in Australia by number of inhabitants, in the last census on 2011 the population was estimated at almost 5 million people.

The second largest city in Australia(with 4 million inhabitants), Melbourne is the cultural center of the land down under and boasts a style very similar of large metropolises like New York and Tokyo.  Also among with other big cities in Australia are Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Au Pair Requirements Australia 2019

Age between 18 and 30 years old

Be Single with no Children

Have completed high school

Intermediary English

Health Insurance

Proven experience with children of at least 100 hours

Meet the visa requirements (there are 3 types of visas you can get)

Valid passport for the duration of your stay in Australia

In Australia like In the US, the payments are in a weekly basis with the amount in 2019 is around 180/200 AUD per week in a 20-hour week, approximately 800/1000 AUD per month. This amount is an average and will depend on the location of the host family, how many children you will have to care for and how many hours you will have to work.

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