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Light, Hope and Princess, these are one of the meanings of the female names that are in the bible. The names has its origins on the beautiful antique languages Latin, Hebrew and Greek, which wore the most common languages spoken at the time that Jesus or lord came to the earth. To choose a biblical name to your girl is a wise decision, beyond  being a proof of faith, the names never get out fashioned, at most they have their spelling changed through the ages in order to make modern. Above we have selected some of the most beautiful and inspiring NAMES OF BIBLICAL GIRLS AND THEIR MEANINGS, including their origin.



ADRIELE, name of biblical girl with Hebrew origin, that means "congregation of God".

ABIGAIL, female biblical name with Hebrew origin, which means "joy of my father".

ARZA, name with the letter A that means "vegetation of cedar" and also has Hebrew origin.

BETHANY or BETHANY, with Hebrew origin, means "house of the figs".

CLAUDIA, sweet name whose origin is from Latin and means "lame".

CILICIA, feminine name whose origin is from Latin and means "that which it turns".

DEBHORÁH or DÉBORA, originating in Hebrew, means " hardworking woman."

DINÁ, means "that which was judged" and has Hebrew origin.

ELLIE, beautiful and delicate which means "light" and has Hebrew origin.

EUNICE, of Greek origin, which means "the one who always wins".

GABRIELA, a beautiful name, of Hebrew origin and means "God is my strength".

HANNAH, name of a biblical and beautiful girl, with Hebrew origin and means "graceful".

HOLPE, of Hebrew origin and means "Hope".

HOSANA, name of a biblical girl and well-known, of Aramaic origin and means "praise to the Lord"

JERUSA, means "inhabitant of Jerusalem" and has Hebrew origin.

JUDITH, of Hebrew origin, which means "Jew".

LEAH or LIA, means "one who has sweet eyes" of Hebrew origin.

LYDIA, means "inhabitant of lydia" of Greek origin.

MARESSA, means "she who sees" and has Hebrew origin.

MARY, a very valuable biblical name, meaning "sovereign lady" or "the pure one," of Hebrew origin.

MARTA, very popular name of Aramaic origin, that means "protector of the home".

MIRA OR MYRA, elegant feminine name and of Greek origin, that means "to pour".

RACHEL or RAQUEL, strong name, of Hebrew origin whose meaning is "peaceful woman".

REBECA, very beautiful of Hebrew origin and means "that which unites".

SALOMÉ, means "the peaceful one" and has Aramaic origin.

SARAH OR SARA, means "princess", has Hebrew origin.

THALITA or TALITA, means "child who has been reborn" and has Aramaic origin.

TAMAR, means "palm tree" and has Hebrew origin.

ZILÁ, means "the protector" and has Hebrew origin.



ADA, feminine unique biblical name and with uncertain origin, which means "beauty".

NOEMI, a different female biblical name of Hebrew origin, means "charming."

TAMARA, Hebrew origin, meaning "palm tree".

MICOL, means "like God" and has Hebrew origin.

JAEL, means "wild goat" and has Hebrew origin.

KESIAH or QUESIA or QUEZIA, of Hebrew origin, which means "perfume".

CHLOÉ or CLOÉ, different and of Greek origin, that means "green sprout" or "green herb".

DAMARIS, of Greek origin, which means "wife."

JEMIMA, a unique female biblical name of Hebrew origin, means "dove."

TABITA or TABITHA, of Aramaic origin, means "elegant and agile woman".

SÉFORA, of Hebrew origin, means "little bird".

YARIN, of Hebrew origin, means "she who understands and hears."

ATALIA, of Hebrew origin, means "God is exalted".

BETEL, a different female Biblical name of Hebrew origin, means "the abode of the Lord".




The female biblical names that begin with the letter E are highly sought after, we have made a Top list with the most beautiful names, let's check?

ELISHA OR ELIZA or ELISA, elegant biblical name with the letter E, which in Latin means "the Salvation of God"

ESTHER OR ESTER, in Hebrew means "secret."

EVA, sweet biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning "to live."

EDNA, means "pleasure or delight" in Hebrew.

ELIZABETH, of Hebrew origin which means 'fullness of God'.

EUNICE, biblical name, Greek Hebrew origin meaning 'good victory'.

ELLIE, the name of a beautiful and delicate biblical girl who means "light" and has Hebrew origin.

EFRATA, different name meaning "with honor" and has Hebrew origin.

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