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"Au Pair" is a French term meaning "the same, in pair" as it is an exchange between both parties. THE EUROPE 2019 AU PAIR program is a cultural exchange that includes young people of both sexes (yes, male au pair is also common in Europe), aged between 18 and 30 years, single and childless, who goes to another country for a temporary period to live with a host family. In this period the Au Pair lives with his host family and takes care of the children, and also performs some light domestic services. This way the au pair Europe will live for free with your host family and still receive a monthly salary to help with his personal expenses.

The amount received and the number of hours worked are defined by the regulations of the European country that you choose to make the Au Pair Europe 2019.




The Netherlands, known for its tulip field in Rijnland and the charming Amsterdam is a true paradise to be explored, with also the touristy Volendam (with typical little houses) or Lisse (flower park De Keukenhof). To be an Au Pair in Netherlands, unlike France and Germany, you will need to hire an agency.


Age for Au pair in Netherlands: Between 18 and 26 years old

Time: maximum period of 12 months

Have proven experience with children and courses in the area

Being single and without children

Intermediary English or Dutch

Duties: childcare and help with light housework, up to 8 hours per day

Rights: single room including bed and table, sharing of all meals with host family, at least one full weekend per month off, 2 weeks of paid vacation for 12 months worked, and approximately € 340 in pocket money a month.

The contracted agency must ensure accommodation and also the host family prior to the actual placement of the au pair in Netherlands. In addition, you can count on guidance, cultural activities and emergency services provided by the agency while you are in the Netherlands Au Pair program.

Like in many countries, a driver's license is not a requirement, but it is an extra in your profile and host families prefer it for sure!




Spain has the fourteenth largest economy in the world and the fourth largest country in Europe. A country of mountainous lands and diverse landscapes, with a true historical legacy, it has a rich culture, tourism and excellent infrastructure.

The Au Pair Spain job is similar to the job in  Netherlands which includes activities and childcare with the host family and sure, also perform some light domestic services. It is important that you talk to the host family a lot and understand their needs and expectations so you can define the tasks together. At Au Pair Spain you will work a maximum of 6 hours per day, about 25-30 hours per week.

Au Pair Requirements Spain 2019

To participate in the 2019 Spanish Au Pair program, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

Age: between 18 and 30 years old

Being single and without children

Have proven experience with children and courses in the area

Have basic Spanish

Time: from 3 to 12 months

Salary: € 50 to € 70 per week

Duties: child care and help with light household duties

To work as an Au Pair Spain for more than 3 months you must have the student or work visa. It is important to contact the Spanish Consulate before your trip and with the Spanish Embassy for further information.

Au Pair Rights Spain: Full weekends off, a holiday week paid for 6 months of service or 2 weeks paid for 12 months of work, so you will have plenty of time available to take courses and get to know the country.



France is world-famous, with a very diverse culture, the country has a lot of beauty, art and history to see. With fantastic monuments as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, fascinating sightseeing is what you will have if you choose to be an Au Pair in France.

The Au Pair France is one of the most requested in Europe, including for Male Au Pair’s, and has specific legislation that regulates the functions of Au Pair in the country.

As an au pair in France you will take care of children and help in light domestic services. To carry out the French Au Pair program you need to find a family, talk a lot and produce a contract of employment together before your trip, listing your rights and duties. Do not forget to mention the maximum working hours, which for Au Pair France is 30 hours a week (5 hours a day).

If you stay in Paris you should know that the city is a little bit different than the other places. In fact, in the majority of the times, the Parisians live in apartments and have a separate accommodation for their au pair at the top of the floor of their building or at a short distance from their home.

Au Pair Requirements France 2019

Age: between 18 and 30 years (29 years and 11 months)

Basic Knowledge of French

Single and with no children

Time: 3 to 12 months

Salary: minimum of € 80 per week

Duties: child care and help with light household duties

Rights: One day off per week, one full weekend off per month, one week of paid vacation for 6 months of work, Medical insurance for long term stays.

You must enroll in a French school (minimum of 10 hours per week) as the French Au Pair Program is tied to the study of French. At first it is the Au Pair applicant who pays the course, but you can discuss this topic with the host family, who often offers to afford.




Germany is the seventh most visited country in the world, well-known for its organization and beautiful landscapes. A country with a lot of history and with its touch of modernism, as an Au Pair in Germany you will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich and interesting culture: the capital Berlin, the charming Munich (where the famous oktorbefest takes place), the castle of Neuschwanstein and others. English is considered the second language in Germany, which in case of tourism is enough, however to be an Au Pair it is necessary to have the German intermediary at least. Just like in France to become Au Pair Germany you need to find a family. The cost of living in Germany is high in large cities as Berlin, especially because the Au pair gets about € 260 per month.

Au Pair Requirements Germany 2019

Age: 18 to 26 years old

Complete high school

Being single and without children

Basic German level A1

Salary: minimum of € 260 per month

Time: from 6 to 12 months

Duties: child care and help with light household duties

Rights: housing, food and health insurance paid by the host family. The course of German language can be paid by you or by the host family, so this must be discussed before your departure and written in contract. The Au Pair in Germany gets 4 weeks vacation for a period of 12 months and has the right of 1 to 2 two days off per week.

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