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Second largest country in the world, bathed by two oceans and cut by a huge mountain range, Canada offers its visitors a diversity of breathtaking natural beauties that goes from dark green lakes surrounded by forests to snowy peaks and giant parks inhabited by wild animals such as bears, moose, foxes and wolves. Canada has it all and also fantastic cities such as the cosmopolitan Toronto, the trendy Montreal and the luxurious Vancouver. Canada has his must-see attractions, including the Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, the Banff National Park and the Stanley Park, as well as beaches on the East Coast. Yes, contrary to what most people think, Canada is not a cold destination all over the year, and one of the most popular tourist seasons in the country is summer, which runs June to September. In summer the temperatures are milder (in Toronto they reach 27 degrees in July) with longer days, when the sunrise in many places in the country occurs at 4 am, perfect to enjoy the days.

Canada is a multicultural country for excellence. Founded by Indians, British and French people, Canada in nowadays houses a mosaic of cultures brought by immigrants from all corners of the world, so its residents are accustomed to receive foreigners and whether in larger cities such as Vancouver or Toronto , or in smaller Calgary and Banff, the tourist is always welcome. For fans of winter sports, the country also offers some of the best ski slopes in the world. Only in Vancouver and Whistler, cities that together hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, there are more than 200 slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

Make friends for life, travel and improve your French, so why not become an au pair Canada in 2019?

Canada is one of the top students destinations  in 2019, as it is a bilingual country with an excellent quality of life and great opportunities for those who want to make a exchange. We can also highlight that the public services are great, from transportation to education.

Au Pair Canada 2019

Differently from other countries, there is no official program for Au pairs in Canada. You will only have to meet certain legal requirements and take the Working Holiday visa, which can be requested once in a lifetime (costs $ 250 Canadian dollars).

Requirements to be an Au Pair Canada 2019:

Age: 18 - 30 years old

Be single without children

Complete high school

Intermediate level on English or French

Proven experience with children

Valid passport for staying in the country

Travel expenses are payable by Au Pairs

Work as Au Pair in Canada - 2019

As a Canadian Au Pair you should work from 25 to 30 hours per week, which can be extended to 33 hours, with 1 day off per week and you can take vacations every 6 months of work for two weeks (with payment). The Canada Au Pair program lasts 1 year and also can be extended for another 12 months.


Au pair Canada 2019


Over the course of 1 year you will be able to live with the family, helping with the tasks involving children, taking care of their food, interacting with them, helping with school activities, getting them to school, extracurricular activities and help in household duties. In exchange you will have a single room in the house, food and you can take an English or French course, which will normally be paid by you. Sure, you can and should discuss this with the family, in many cases the host family takes care of this language courses expenses(as it is obligated in many countries such as Germany). Canada is known to be one of the best countries to learn or improve your new language skills as therefore has numerous language schools recognized by its government.

To be an Au Pair in Canada you need to contact an agency that conducts the exchange for this country and will guide you in choosing the host family and throughout the bureaucratic documentation and visa.

How much do you earn as Au Pair in Canada

Basically the au pair salary in Canada is an little bit more than the minimum wage in the province where he or she works. The Au Pairs Canada in most cases receive the net value around $ 950 Canadian dollars per month. Sure, it may not seem like a very good income, but it is enough for you to enjoy the country.


Canada: the country of opportunity! Au Pair Canada 2019 and Live-In Caregiver


At the end of the Au Pair Canada program, you can join the Canadian program Live-In Caregiver, known as LIC or LPC, which offers foreigners the opportunity to work as caregivers for the elderly, children or people with disabilities. For this program you will need the work visa, which is another type of visa than you need to be an au pair. Participating in the Live-In Caregiver program gives you the opportunity to get the ultimate residence visa in the country. The main objective of the program is to fill the gap of professionals who wish to live in their place of work and offer an option, as well as day care centers and nursing homes for families who need these professionals. You must have proficiency in English or French with general understanding of both. So for sure you will be able to call the emergency services if you need to, in addition to understanding the medication labels.


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